Preliminary Risk Assessment

The first stage is a Preliminary Risk Assessment (PRA) to allow a preliminary Conceptual Site Model to be compiled from all available sources of information, this sets the scene and identifies areas of concern for the developer.  Any realistic pollution linkages are identified that may represent an unacceptable risk to human health and controlled waters.

There are numerous reasons for producing a PRA with the main one being part of a planning application for a development.

Groundtech Consulting takes great pride in producing visual aids and illustrations with the report text and appendices to compliment the text and demonstrate the findings in a clear and concise manner to all parties involved in the project.  The findings of the PRA enable a suitable efficient scope of investigation to be designed to inform the following phase.

Scope of investigation

The scope of the investigation can vary greatly depending on the previous uses of the site and the potential contamination sources.  Where required, a main investigation is accurately designed to achieve all the objectives for the development and discharge applicable planning conditions.  When further investigation is required to refine recommendations, a supplementary investigation is designed to target specific constraints.

Generic Quantitative Risk Assessment

The next stage of risk assessment process is a Generic Quantitative Risk Assessment.  Tier I screening values are available for different end uses including residential, commercial, allotments and public open space – the correct end use is adopted for the clients proposed development or a site specific end use generated  and a Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment can be undertaken.

Remedial works

The above processes inform the required level of remediation to reduce the risk to an acceptable level for the development to proceed.  Groundtech is experienced in designing suitable remedial works, supervising them and verifying the risk is acceptable.

Waste disposal

Waste disposal is a significant cost where there is a surplus of soil as a result of the development.  The approach of Groundtech Consulting is to minimise the volumes of soil to be exported from site through Cut and fill Balance Plans, Materials Management Plans and Waste Classification/Assessments to add cost benefit to the clients project.

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