Scope of investigations

The scope of Ground Investigations vary depending on the proposed category of development, a suitable scope of investigation will be designed to obtain the relevant parameters for efficient preliminary design.

Coal Mining Risk Assessments

The legacy from coal mining impacts a lot of sites in the North West, Yorkshire and the Midlands.  Where the site is in a High Risk Development Area or there is a risk from unrecorded workings, the Coal Authority will be a statutory consultee as part of the planning process.  Groundtech Consulting have the expertise and capabilities to undertake Coal Mining Risk Assessments using desk-based information and intrusive rotary investigation methods to ensure the stability of the surface of the site is appropriate for the development.

Overall Slope Stability Analysis

Overall Slope Stability Analysis is a core competency of Groundtech Consulting, these can be carried out as part of a site investigation scope or as a supplementary assessment.  The assessment looks at the main factors affecting slope stability for all types of failures for short term and long term design situations.  This allows a suitable method of stabilisation to be designed where required to maximise the development layout.

Additional services

Earthworks design, supervision and validation is a service Groundtech Consulting offer and is often combined with remediaton works and/or waste assessments.

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