Overall Slope Stability Analysis - Glasshoughton

The finished site levels of the proposed development resulted in the gradient of colliery spoil being significantly greater than the angle of repose.  The design solution was reinforced earth construction and a Crib Wall.  Taking both of these structures into account in the design, Groundtech Consulting was asked to determine if the overall stability was to a satisfactory factor of safety.  Ground models were generated using site investigation information and the circular and non-circular slope failures assessed using appropriate modelling software.

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Phase II Site Investigation - Cardington Airfield

The scope of works was to investigate a large area of land to characterise the made ground soils that were present at the surface.  This was achieved through trial pitting and obtaining samples for geotechnical laboratory testing.  The geotechnical testing scheduled included classification and compaction testing which allowed an earthworks specification to be compiled.

In-situ Dynamic Cone Penetrometer and Plate Load testing was also part of the scope to determine the deformation characteristics and assess the impact on future development.

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Phase II Site Investigation - Knowsley Hall

Groundtech Consulting were instructed to determine the stratification beneath the site for a proposed function suite extension.  The development is in an area with a basement and careful planning including a GPR survey was required prior to intrusive investigations commencing to ensure no damage occurred to the historic structure.

The investigation was designed to obtain geotechnical parameters for foundation design and determine the geometrics of the existing foundations and basement.

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Phase I and II Site Investigation - Cleckheaton

Groundtech Consulting were commissioned to undertake a Preliminary Risk Assessment and Phase II investigation by a national housebuilder for 160 houses in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire.  The main constraint identified by the PRA was the potential presence of unrecorded shallow mine workings.  The scope of investigation has been designed to accurately determine the presence and extent of the workings.  The surveying of locations allowed accurate sections of the site to be generated to inform the risk assessment prior to development.

The pollution linkage assessment identified the level of risk to proposed site end users including from potential ground gas.

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